what sara likes this week
songs "domino man" (beautiful south), "lies" (emf), "sleeping annaleah" (nick cave & the bad seeds)
movies as if i had time to watch movies...
foods hershey's special dark bars, schlotzsky's smoked turkey chef's salad
expressions "(fill in name of person being addressed), you ignorant slut!"

14 december 1999
i didn't get the part. i don't want to talk about it.

13 december 1999
i just took my german final... i think i did pretty well. in two and a half hours i find out whether i got a part in the speed of darkness-- i know i didn't but part of me is still like, "oh, but maybe *fingerscrossed*". last night i dreamt that i got the part, and my costume was a big baggy t-shirt with "the speed of darkness starring sara ryan" written across it and a flouncy paint-splattered skirt. and toe shoes. foxy, eh? lol
well, i'm going to go work on some new additions to this page-- i think it is seriously hurting for real updates (as opposed to journals and stuff that is just me fucking around :). au revoir, mes enfants. (that's actually the name of a very good french movie about wwII. see it if you haven't already.)
it's a half hour until i'll find out about the speed of darkness. i know i didn't get a part, so why am i so damn nervous and keyed up? i'm getting sharp stomach pains and gnawing on everything. i'm so nervous over something that i know i'm not going to get, for fuck's sake!!!!!!!
well, got rid of a little tension there. i feel better. :)

12 december 1999
the odd couple ended thursday. i bitched and bitched about how i wanted it to be over, and now it is and i'm incredibly bored and don't know what to do with myself. i tried out for the next play, the speed of darkness, on friday. i doubt i'll get a part (there are only two female roles in it, and a lot of girls who are much better and have much more training than me auditioned), but it's good to try out for everything... and i had a really good audition, probably the best cold reading i've ever done ever. so we'll see.
what else... oh, my poor little kitty is missing. i'm going to check the pound tomorrow. i hope he's okay, poor baby. :(

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