.journal: week of 15 november 1999.

what sara likes this week
songs "where do we go now but nowhere?" by nick cave & the bad seeds, "i was wrong" by the sisters of mercy
movies dogma, the philadelphia story
foods jelly bellys, pringles, pizza from joe's
expressions "well, he's not getting it back now."

16 november 1999
i have a few minutes to kill before my acting class, so i thought i'd make a quick journal entry. things are fine, mostly. nick still has not come home. he called on friday to say he was driving back, and here it is tuesday and he's still nowhere to be found. i'd be worried but that's just how he is-- of course he'll take advantage of having a few days to run around with his friends. it kind of pisses me off that he's in town and has no desire to see our mother or me, but whatever. it's just about time for class, so i suppose i'll go. vale. (that's latin. aren't you impressed? *eyeroll*)

15 november 1999
my weekend really sucked. i went out on friday night, which was alright-- but then the next morning i decided i'd better finish cleaning out my brother's room. well, my room. nick ran off to north carolina, and now he's coming back, but in the meantime i've laid claim to his bedroom. i worked on it constantly for 2 days and it's still an unholy mess. after i've worked my ass off on that room, it is mine, dammit! anyway, working on it tired me out so much that i couldn't go anywhere on saturday night, so i sat at home and smoked and cussed about nick and his (my!) goddamn pigsty of a bedroom. last night i went to see dogma. it was super good. i think kevin smith makes very very great movies, and this is probably the best one yet. you should go see it. i've got to go to class now, and not a lot is going on anyway, so i guess i'll shut up now. more tomorrow. if you're lucky.

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