.journal: week of 28 november 1999.

what sara likes this week
songs "concertina" (tori amos), "duel of the fates" (john williams)
movies scream, pride & prejudice (technically a miniseries, but still)
foods thanksgiving ham (my cat liked it too!), apple pie, double stuf oreos
expressions "what is your damage, heather?"

1 december 1999
i apologize for my irritating gloominess in monday's entry. it's a long story.
i am completely exhausted right now. i've been working on the odd couple hardcore-- rehearsals every night until 11! it's really fun and interesting, but i literally have almost zero free time. i get up in the morning and go straight to school, i go straight from school to work, after work i barely have time to grab a gordita before i go to rehearsal, and then when i get home i fall asleep the damn second i sit down, unless of course i have to force myself to stay awake to study. really, the only time i have to myself is the two hour gap between my classes on monday, wednesday, & friday (which is when i'm writing this:). i will be so glad when this play is over and i can get back to my real life!! i don't mean to bitch though, it really is a great experience...
well, gotta go so as not to waste my two hours of freedom. later, people.

29 november 1999
nothing has happened since my last entry. i don't know why i'm writing this. :)
bear with me, i'm about to get insufferable. i'm in a strangely mopey mood right now... i think i am too hard on other people. i am too hard on myself, too, but i can take it. i mean, i can deal with whatever i think of myself and it doesn't damage me or cause any trouble. i have just realized how much i have lost because i'm not willing to forgive people for things. i am such a dickhead sometimes.

28 november 1999
pride & prejudice, the bbc version, was on tv today, but i only got to watch up to the part where darcy proposes to elizabeth at rosings (that's the best part anyway) because i had to go to school to do play stuff. we rehearsed the cues all day... basically, i just had to learn when to do which sound effects and remember what volume level and what speaker each sound is supposed to be on. it's pretty fun. we're opening this week. it's my debut as a sound technician! :) before this, i never really noticed sound effects when i saw plays, i just took them for granted as part of the show. i never realized how much work goes into little things like making the phone onstage ring. it's kind of startling to realize just how important the sounds effects are... and, by extension, how important it is that i don't fuck up. but i think i'll be okay. right now i'm at home watching a movie on hbo called rko 281. it's not very good, but it's about orson welles, who i think was awesome, and it has liev schreiber in it and he's really really hot, which is all it takes to hold my attention. :)
not a very long or exciting entry... sorry. i'll try to be more amusing tomorrow. :)

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