.journal: 5 december 1999.

what sara likes this week
songs "i will survive" (gloria gaynor), "blasphemous rumours" (depeche mode), "lucy" (nick cave & the bad seeds), "everybody plays the fool" (???? if anybody knows who this is by, tell me!), "dougnut song" (tori amos)
movies emily bronte's wuthering heights, the english patient (it's a ralph fiennes kind of week!)
foods baked potatoes, pizza hut meat lover's pizza
expressions "respect my authoritae!" (mostly said to my cat, lol)

8 december 1999
things are good but boring. the play is going well, but i'm sick of it. school is going well, but i'm ready for the semester to be over. everything's great, just nothing exciting is happening. oh well, that's good enough, i guess. :) i really want to write a big exciting entry but my life is just a little too placid for that right now. sigh. sorry.

6 december 1999
the play went really well last night. it's a dinner theatre, and before the show we all got to go munch down on some of the food in the dressing room. which is good, because i hadn't eaten, and there's this one part in the play where one of the characters fixes another character a sandwich and is describing what all is in it, like, "it's crab salad on sourdough blah blah blah," and if i've skipped dinner i'm always all "mmmm... crab salad" like homer simpson or something. :) i'm totally rambling... i actually haven't been to bed yet and i'm sleepy & delirious but i was up working on this page anyway so i thought i'd make a journal entry. tee hee hee. probably i'll write more later when i'm halfway coherent. :P

5 december 1999
things are going super well right now. the odd couple opened friday and so far both performances have gone perfectly. at our final dress rehearsal thursday, i completely fucked up-- at the beginning of the show, i'm supposed to fade out the pre-show xmas music and fade in this song "thank you for being a friend" (the golden girls them song-- are you ready to rock?!?). well, i turned up the wrong switch, so instead of fading in "thank you", i turned up the microphone! so there was no music for like a whole minute, and everybody up in the booth is running around going, "oh my god!! why isn't the music playing?" finally, the lighting girl figured out what was wrong and i fixed it. then, the next day, i was talking to my acting professor, who is also the director of this play, and he was like, "my boss came to see the play yesterday and said everything went well and there was no weak link", so i was like phew!... i guess my fuck-up wasn't that noticeable. :)
nick came home for good thursday... i know i said some pretty harsh things about never forgiving him, but i have... that's a lot of what last week's mopey "oh i never forgive anyone woe is me!" entry was about. whatever bad things happen between us, he's my little brother and he's one of the few people who will ever completely understand who i am and why i am that way, and i don't want to sacrifice that relationship. i'm just really glad to have my brother back.
there's more scandal brewing in my life, but it's too top secret to put here... so i'll just say... life is exceptionally good, mostly for the reasons discussed above, and i am very very happy. by the way, happy hannukah to those of you who celebrate it. (it started friday, right?)
later, alligators.

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