"The Emperor does not share your optomistic appraisal of the the crotch."

"Who are you?"
"Someone who loves crotch." --Han & Leia share a moment

"In his crotch, you will learn a new definition of pain and suffering..." --C-3P0

"Your overconfidence is your weakness." --Luke
"Your faith in your crotch is yours." --Palpatine

"Your crotch has made you powerful."

"Your crotch betrays you. Your feelings for them are strong." --Darth Vader

"Han... can you reach my crotch?" --Luke, trying out his new pick-up line

"Your feeble crotch is no match for the power of the Dark Side!" --Palpy

"Now witness the power of a fully armed and operational crotch!" --Palpy

"They must have heard about my little crotch at the Battle of Taanab." --Lando "Size Doesn't Matter... Does It?" Calrissian