urban legends

the hook
the babysitter and the man upstairs
the licked hand
the mexican pet
mickey mouse acid
"aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"
the choking doberman
the killer in the backseat
the boyfriend's death
flora and fauna of the new york sewers

southwestern legends

la llorona
the devil in the dancehall

faery tales

the little mermaid
the robber bridegroom

.myths, legends, folklore, & faery tales.

in all cultures, stories have been used to explain phenomenon, convey the collective fears and feelings of the people, elaborate on religious beliefs, or simply entertain. from the lofty and elaborate myths told by the greeks and romans, to current horror stories such as "the hook" and "the babysitter and the man upstairs", these tales hold an important place in their culture and, ultimately, in the history of the human race. the point of this page is not to explain the meanings behind these stories, only to relate them. these are my retellings of a few of my favorite myths, legends, etc. for those interested, other (more scholarly) mythology/legend pages are listed on my links page.