how to create fake photos of ghosts
do you need to stage a haunting? don't we all? go here to learn how to get photographic evidence of the spectral world

find a grave
okay, it's kind of creepy. wierdly fascinating, though.

the costume webring index
history buff? theatre enthusiast? shallow looks-obsessed clothes horse? all three? browse through the various fascinating costume-related pages here

alta vista: translations
hours of pointless fun

the webtender
highly toxic mixed drinks are bad. drinking games are bad, too. go here to find lots of both.

archive of hacked homepages
funny, funny, funny. the nambla hack is a work of art.

www purity test
just how much of a tramp are you? find out here.

the most fascinating creatures in the world, hands down. after me, of course.

nick at nite/tv land
a little something for my fellow happy days fanatics... if there are any

the crimson dragon
the place where i got my tongue pierced. they do good work at a reasonable price. check them out.

the sweaty gi patrol
the homepage of my friend sarah (aka salami) and her band of merry anakins. lots of star wars stuff, the fractured fairy tales are hilarious. oh, and sarah... how's the minnowing going? :P

the sith academy
the aforementioned sarah sent me this url after learning of my (admittedly inexplicable) darth maul crush. i usually hate fanfic, but i adore this. a long series of literally laugh-out-loud-funny stories about lord maul, his training at the hands of the sadistic darth sidious, his sith cat, and his love (that dare not speak it's name) for obi-wan kenobi. you will laugh your ass off.

the witches' voice
the best-known, biggest, and most frequently useful pagan page on the net.

encyclopedia of trotskyism on-line
no, i am not a commie pinko. but communist/socialist ideologies, especially trotskyism, fascinate me. go here to find out why.