.star wars links.

the sith academy: a sith, his master, and a bunch of menial crap


darth maul estrogen brigade


star wars official site

phantom menace mania

star wars fan fiction library

the sweaty gi patrol
the evil handiwork of my friend sarah and her band of merry anakins. not strictly star wars, but it has a lot of sw content. the fractured fairy tales are highly recommended.

the star wars pants page
"you came in those pants? you're braver than i thought."

star wars spankings
"you look strong enough to spank a gundark!"

star wars personality test
which star wars character are you most like? take this test to find out. apparently, i am han solo incarnate.

find your star wars twin
oh, wait! according to this test, i'm as open as yoda, as conscientious as han, as extroverted as a wampa, as agreeable as boba fett (!), and as neurotic as a tuskin warrior. :) how scary is that?