.what color should sara's hair be?.


when i was twelve years old, i dyed my hair red. that was 7 years ago. i haven't seen my natural haircolor since.
i've mostly stuck to red hair, but it's been just about every color there is. right now, it's blonde, and i'm getting sick of it. jean harlow hair was fun at first, but it's too high maintenance and i've got black roots an inch long that look really fucked up. it's time for a new haircolor. the only problem is, i don't know what color to dye it next. i'm sick of red, but i'm told it suits me. everybody likes the blonde, myself included, but the upkeep's a bitch. i'd like to try black but i don't know if it would look good. or maybe i should just get some manic panic...
as you can see, i have a dilemma. and what better way to solve a dilemma than to ask the masses of people who don't know me, and for the most part don't care if my hair looks good or not? that's right, it's all up to you now. what color should i dye my hair?



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what color should i dye my hair next?

roja, baby!
gentlemen prefer blondes
black... you won't look like circe nightshade, i promise!
get some manic panic and dye it this color:


any colors i should avoid like the plague?

that hideous red!
blonde... you look like a goddamn barbie doll
i know you court that dead chick look, but black hair is a bit much
manic panic... who are you, green day?


anything else?