{i am not asking you to believe in me, boy, i think you're confused, i'm not persephone}

{she's afraid of a light in the dark... 6.58 do you know where my spark is here.here.here}

{so i show you some more and i learn what black magic can do}

{i turn myself inside out in hope someone will see}

{you were wild-- where are you now?}

{things are getting desparate where are the boys can't be men}

{virgins always get backstage no matter what they've got to say. if you love enough you'll lie a lot... guess they did in camelot}

{i never was the fantasy of what you wanted me to be}

{those angels can't ever take my place}

{can't we get a little grace & some elegance? no we scream in cathedrals, why can't it be beautiful? why does there gotta be a sacrifice?}

{you thought you were the bomb yeah well so did i}

{i can be cruel, i don't know why}

{line me up in single file with all your grievances... stare but i can taste, you're still alive below the waste}