Dreams I lived in a different apartment, a lot like the one I lived in while I was in Montreal. C lived directly below us, and I ran into him in the hall. He asked me out, and though I wasn't attracted to him at all, I accepted. He wanted to go out right then, so I went into my apartment to change while he waited outside.

I wanted to dress up, so I started looking through this giant pile of sequinned dresses on the bathroom counter. I found one dress I liked, and I set it aside while I looked to see what else there was. I couldn't find anything else, so I decided to wear that one, but then I couldn't find it, no matter how much I looked.

Then J called, and said, "B has disappeared, and nobody can find her. Do you know where she is?" I told him I didn't, and he wigged out: "Where is she? The park? The mall? Where? You call yourself her friend, and you don't even know where she is?"