Look at me... I'm Pagan!!

Okay, guess what? I'm a Wiccan. That's not something I have occasion to say too often- not because it's some big secret or because I'm ashamed of it, but because I don't feel the need to go around trumpeting my religious beliefs. If the subject comes up or it's germane to the situation at hand, I won't hesitate to discuss it, but that's that. It's a part of who I am, but introducing myself by saying, "Hi, I'm Sara, and I'm Paaaa-gan!" just doesn't feel natural to me.

However, I know some Wiccans & other Pagans for whom that kind of thing is apparently very natural, because before you've known them five minutes you know their whole belief system. These, of course, are usually the people who don't even have to tell you they're Pagans, cause they fit one of the two big stereotypes: they're either hardcore granola, or they've adopted the Laurie Cabot look (think Elvira in baggy dresses). I'm sure there are some people who present themselves that way because that's just who they are, and that's cool, but a lot of people who dress and/or act this way seem to be doing it to fit into the Pagan mold, to be special. Invariably, these people also bitch and moan because the populace at large can't accept the fact that Pagans are just normal people who practice a not-so-mainstream religion. Oh my God, I wonder how that idea got around? Maybe because of people who go out of their way to adhere to the stereotypes and then squirm into the public eye, billing themselves as representing the Pagan community? Kiss my ass!

Here's the dilly, yo: I am not like that. None of the Pagans I know are like that. I daresay most Pagans are normal (and by normal, I mean: people who act/dress/behave like themselves, whoever they may be, not a prefab idea of who they are), responsible, sane people who deal with the same stuff as everybody else. I mean, I do rituals, but when I'm not in front of my altar, I'm out in the real world.