.meet my nemeses!.

i live in an apartment with my dad, stepmother, & two of my siblings. yes, living at home is a painful, annoying indignity not to be borne, but i make minimum wage, so i'm kind of stuck. actually, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for... the upstairs neighbors.

i've dubbed them the fratboys upstairs. i think there are only two, but frat boys pretty much all look the same to me, so there could be more. now, at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old lady, these boys are perhaps the worst neighbors i've ever had. and i used to live next door to fans of loud polka music.

what have the frat boys done to piss me off so much? well, i admit, it's partly just personal dislike. these are the kind of guys who come up to you when you're sitting outside and ask if you want to "go upstairs and... y'know...." they are the kind of guys who screw high school chicks and then brag about it. they're the kind of guys who corner you when you're coming home late at night and prattle on about how drunk they are, the kind of guys who walk up to you while there is a cigarette in your mouth and ask, "so, whatcha doin'? havin' a smoke?" (no, stupid, what does it look like i'm doing?), the kind of guys who are always asking you up for a game of twister. in short, they're the kind of guys who think they're schmoove ladykillers when all they are is stupid, drunken, horny idiots.

but they have actually done specific things to merit my dislike. such as:

supposedly, the frat boys are on the cusp of eviction. which is great. except they've been on said cusp for a month, and as i write this, they're still here!! dammit! move out, you loud little assholes! go play your shitty pop music somewhere else! and barf beer in somebody else's grass!!!


anyway, you have now met my archenemies. aren't they charming?

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