The Killer in the Backseat

A girl had gone to visit friends in town, and around midnight she decided to drive home. Her house was in the country, about a half hour away. When she got in her car and pulled away, she noticed a truck driving behind her. At first she didn't think anything of it, but it kept following her. It sped up when she sped up, and slowed down when she slowed down. Not only that, but it kept flashing its high beams at her. The more this kept up, the more scared the girl got.

When she finally got to the remote country road that went to her house, and the truck kept following her, she knew something was definately wrong. She got to her house and the truck pulled into the driveway behind her. Terrified, she began to honk her horn until her father came out of the house. When he did, she got out of her car and told him that the guy in the truck had followed her all the way from town and had kept flashing his high beams at her.

The girl's father angrily asked the driver of the truck what he was doing, and threatened to call the police. The driver told him, "Good, call the police, but I'm not the one you want. Look in the backseat of your daughter's car." The father looked, and saw a man crouched behind the driver's seat, holding a knife.

The truck driver explained: he had been leaving for the graveyard shift at work when he saw a man in the girl's backseat. He had wanted to go back inside and call the police, but before he could he saw the girl get in the car and drive away. So he had followed her. Whenever the killer sat up and tried to attack the girl, he had flashed his high beams, and the killer, afraid of being seen, had ducked back down.

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