The Choking Doberman

This woman lived alone with only her big Doberman dog to keep her company. One day, she came home from the grocery store to find the dog choking and writhing around on the floor. She took it to the veteranarian, who told her that there appeared to be an obstruction in the dog's throat, and he could get it out, but he'd have to intubate the dog, and it wasn't going to be a pretty sight. He told her to go home and come pick the dog up in the morning.

So she left and went home. When she walked in the door, the phone was ringing off the hook, so she picked it up. The vet was on the other line. "Get out of the house, now!" he ordered. She asked him why, but he told her there was no time for him to explain, she just had to get out. The woman was puzzled, but she did as he said.

As she left the house, the police drove up. She asked what was going on, and a cop told her: the vet had managed to get the obstruction out of the dog's throat- and it had been two human fingers. The house was searched, and a robber was found in the woman's bedroom closet, the index and middle fingers gone from him right hand.

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