Mickey Mouse Acid

Several years back, there was an LSD scare- apparently, the rumor went, drug dealers were soaking acid into Mickey Mouse stickers and decals, especially of the temporary tattoo variety, and passing these hallucinogenic stickers out to young children. Despite various factors that make it obvious this is no more than an urban legend (stickers aren't pourous enough to absorb LSD, dealers would not try to get business among little kids [if for no other reason, there's no profit to be had], the idea that children would lick the "temporary tattoo" and start frying wouldn't work anyway, because you're supposed to lick the skin), this was passed around as gospel for some time. I myself was warned in the late '80's (long after this story had been exposed as legend) to watch out for people giving out stickers, because it was probably LSD.

This legend was spread by the use of fliers, usually badly xeroxed, passed around by concerned parents, warning of the evils of acid-soaked stickers. The following is the text of one of these fliers, which was included in Jan Harold Brunvand's book The Choking Doberman. (By the way, if you're interested in urban legends, you can't do much better than Brunvand's books on the subject, which include UL's as well as interpretations, origins, and variants thereof.)

WE HAVE been informed that a very dangerous drug is being circulated illegally in some parts of New England. You should be aware of it's presence in the area and its severe danger to all who might come in contact with the substance. Please caution your children to be on the alert for any materials that fall into the category described and to make note of the individual who might pass it on to them.
MICKEY MOUSE ACID (L.S.D.) has been circulated widely thoughout some parts of New England as a part of or in the form of a "sticker" or label. It may be available to school age children. (See picture)
[Sara's note: I wish I had a scanner so I could show y'all the picture on the flier: a horrible hand drawn attempt at Mickey Mouse that looks more like Al Jolson with big round ears than anything else.)
DO NOT HANDLE!!! CONTACT WITH MOISTURE AND SKIN COULD CAUSE THE SAME EFFECT AS TAKING A DOSE OF ACID ORALLY!!! The picture is Mickey Mouse in the Walt Disney Movie-- "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from "Fantasia". The actual size is 1/2" square. Mickey Mouse is wearing a red gown, blue hat, yellow shoes, and has the appearance of a "lick and stick tatoo"
[sic]. All Disney Cartoon characters have been used in the distribution of this LSD.
If you have seen this substance, know the whereabouts of its
[sic], or have any information regarding it, please call your local Police Department at once.

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