.deep dark secrets.

this is one of those "getting to know you e-mails. i got it a while back, but i figured i'd post it here in case anybody wanted to know that much about me.

name: sara annette ryan

sex: if you insist

age: 19

location: san angelo, tx

height: 5'7", just barely

eye color: green

favorite relative: my siblings (amy, nick, tristan & jasmine... they rule!)

what do you remember most about this year: drunken infamy in the streets of hamburg

memory you most miss: see above :P

what do you think of ouija boards? you know where you can put that little pointer...

guys, with or without hats? usually without, though i wouldn't turn down blixa bargeld in a beret

guys, with or without facial hair? either. a little stubble is nice.

girls, with or without nail polish? and fake nails!

girls, with or without facial hair? either way... with, you can get a nice job in the carnival.

what's on your mousepad? i don't even have a mousepad right now. i'm using an issue of marie claire.

drive in the car with the windows down or with a/c? windows down... the a/c is always too cold.

do you believe in yourself? absolutely

favorite magazine? cosmopolitan, the face, newsweek, new woman (british edition), martha stewart living, spin, big brother

favorite drink? maker's mark, cointreau, pepsi, alsterwasser

favorite cig? kool filter kings

favorite sound? cats purring, the *swooosh* that subway trains make

favorite smell? bacon cooking, body shop white musk perfume

drinks: with or without ice? without... i hate when the ice melts and waters my drink down

worst feeling in the world? seeing in hindsight how you could have avoided doing something really stupid, and wishing like hell you could turn the clock back and do things right... and waking up from a wonderful dream and realizing that a dream is all it was.

best feeling in the world? in an attempt to keep this g-rated, i won't answer that. just kidding... um... waking up, thinking it's time to get up and get ready for work, then realizing you don't have to get up for another three hours and collapsing back into your nice warm bed.

favorite movie sound track? the rocky horror picture show... and i'm partial to the music from the phantom menace as well.

where do you see yourself in 10 years? with a phd in archaeology, dividing my time between austin and rome, married, with a baby, an orange cat, and a rottweiler.

what's the first thing you thought this morning? "oh, fuck, i overslept again!"

do you get motion-sickness? unbelievable motion sickness

roller-coasters: dangerous or fun? it's all fun and games until somebody loses their lunch.

pen or pencil? pen

how many times do you let the phone ring before you pick it up? however many it takes me to get to the phone

future sons' names? frederick ian, henry nicholas

future daughters' names? roma jane, madchen alicia

are you a good friend? i try to be

chocolate or vanilla cake? as long as it's thickly iced, i don't give a fuck

do you sleep with a stuffed animal? sort of... i have a big-ass alligator that i keep on my bed.

thunderstorms: scary or exciting? exciting!

if you could meet one person who would it be? zelda fitzgerald... sucks that she's dead and all

zodiac? cancer... the sign named after a hideous disease, how comforting

boxers or briefs? boxers... briefs are very, very unattractive.

do you eat the stems of broccoli? jawohl

if you could streak one person's house, who would it be? damn, i have to limit it to *one* person?!

girls: would you ever ask a guy for the shirt off of his back? if i wanted it.

if you could chose any occupation in the world what would it be? archaeologist

if you could dye your hair any color you wanted what would it be? the color it is now... bright red

if you could get any tattoo you wanted what would it be and where would it be? i want to get the alligator from edward gorey's the epipleptic bicylce tattooed on the back of my shoulder.

what's your favorite brand of gum? juicy fruit

what's your favorite quote? "i don't believe you can resist the things that make no sense." --franka potente

have you ever been in love? no. alas.

what's on the walls of your room? an art print of a roman girl leaning on a column, a tori amos poster, a couple of pictures of medieval people, and a clothing ad with a picture of godzilla about to stomp on a girl

is the glass half full or half empty? half empty, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the half that's still there.

pick a song that either describes you or one you can relate to: "silent all these years" by tori amos

cool ranch or nacho dorrito's? neither... flavored chips gross me out.

favorite snapple flavor? mango madness

favorite movies? wuthering heights, the merry widow, the breakfast club, some like it hot, all the star wars movies

coke or pepsi? pepsi

favorite milk? i *hate* milk.

what method would you use to kill someone if you could? i'd never kill anybody... but if i did, i'd use poison.

are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous? righty

do you type with your fingers on the correct keys? yes

what's your favorite adam sandler movie? i've only seen the waterboy, so i guess that makes it my favorite by default.

what's the first thing you notice when you meet someone of the opposite sex? their eyes, and then their shoes (i'm kind of obsessed with shoes... not in a kinky way, i just think they're important)

have you ever been attacked by a big dog? no

do you save aol/icq conversations? no

do you eat chicken with a fork? roasted, yes, fried, no

if you were a gardening tool, what would you be? a pitchfork, definitely.

if you were a shoe, what style would you be? black 4 in. spike heel

if you could do anything to the person you dislike most what would it be? turn him in for illegally sneaking his very underage nephew into strip clubs with him... imagine the scandal!

what is under your bed? a few empty pepsi bottles and some magazines

what is the best number in the world? 73... it's my birthday, you know (7/3)

what is your dream car? a black alfa romeo spider. though i can't drive.

who is you biggest crush right now? nobody! anybody want to volunteer for that honor?