Star Bore

(c) Richard Benson

To you, it’s just the hype for a big new film. To him, it’s the end of everything. The ruination of his one true love. The Jedi Nerd hates seeing everyone suddenly getting into Star Wars because, as he’ll happily tell you, he was into the original trilogy “before it was fucking trendy”. For years, he has collected the rare merchandise (“I got a wicked Boba Fett in New York...”*), used Star Wars terms in everyday speech (“he’s on the Dark Side”) and talked trivia with his small coterie of fellow obsessives. They express their appreciation of the film’s greatness through their learning, and Star Wars felt like it was all theirs. Now, with the lame Sunday supplements full of “50 Things You Never Knew” (though he always did) features, he has to endure fools who confuse the Rebel Alliance with the Galactic Empire-- even in Forbidden Planet. What he can’t stand is the way the parvenus see it all as a bit of a joke. The Jedi Nerd appreciates good design (which is why he resembles an unlikely hyrbid of sci-fi nerd and fashion disciple) and he likes the films “because, not counting Return of the Jedi, they were just good, weren’t they?” Of course, he’ll be going to see The Phantom Menace, but with an open mind (“You’ve gotta remember, these are kids’ films”) and a chip on his shoulder. If you see him, have pity. And don’t pretend you had a Japanese Millenium Falcon in 1991. He’ll know.

*If your response to this was “I have that too” or “I didn’t know there was an American Boba Fett figure”, congratulations-- you are him.

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