i was born july 3, 1980, in seattle, wa.

i am named sara annette. my various handles/nicknames are sara jade, tisiphone, annetta, sissy, and jar jar's favorite whore. (thanks, sarah! :P lol)

i'm a wiccan.

i go to school at angelo state university in san angelo, tx. i'm probably going to be a drama major.

i work part time at the county library.

my parents split up when i was 11. i have 5 siblings, ranging in age from 28 to not even born yet.

i am 5'7". i have hair that is blonde at the moment, not quite shoulder-length though i'm trying to grow it out, with bangs. i have green eyes and wear tortoiseshell cat glasses. i am pale, freckly, pierced of tongue, and tattooed of shoulder (there's a black eye of horus on the back of my right one :) most people seem to sum up my overall looks in one word: "cute". the cheek-pinching kind of cute. i'm 19 and i still look about 12. oy.

i'm quiet, sarcastic, nice to most people, impatient, confrontational, smart, and emotional.

i'm good at acting, writing, cooking, and remembering stupid stuff.