.sara annette.

i was born july 3,1980 in seattle, wa.

now i live in san angelo, tx, a town known for it's high concentrations of both sheep and satanists. it's that kind of place.

i'm a freshman at angelo state university.

i work at the county library. i play with books all day and get paid for it. it's the hook-up.

i have blonde (at the moment) hair cut in a bob, green eyes, cat glasses, pale skin, freckles, and a pierced tongue.

i listen to the afghan whigs, tori amos, bauhaus, beautiful south, belle & sebastian, nick cave & the bad seeds, the church, the cure, dead kennedys, depeche mode, einsturzende neubauten, missy elliott, emf, galaxie 500, culture club, joy division, mazzy star, mozart, new order, heather nova, pulp, the smiths, sonic youth, freedy johnston, and violent femmes, among others.

i read f. scott fitzgerald, jane austen, ovid, suetonius, franz kafka, alan warner, c.s. lewis, d.h. lawrence, margaret atwood, the brontes, irvine welsh, and e.m. forster, among many others.

i have an unhealthy obsession with all things star wars-- yes, i'm one of those geeky collectors. when i'm not wearing out my tape of a new hope, i like silent movies, 1980's teen movies (anything with molly ringwald, anthony michael hall, or john cusack, and i am down), horror movies, and silly old musicals from the '30's and '40's.

i'm into roman history, mythology and folklore (esp. urban legends), alligators, & anything related to the jazz age.

i hate writing about myself and i'm going to stop now.