band: nick cave & the bad seeds

movie:wuthering heights

writer: f. scott fitzgerald

food: chicken fried steak

color: red

animal: alligator

drink (alcoholic): maker's mark (with cointreau a close second)

drink (non-alcoholic): pepsi

cigarettes: kool filter kings

artist: titian

words/expressions: crazy mad action, stoopey, biyatch, posh

shoes: my hideously trampy, wal-mart special, black, ankle-strap spike heels

tv show: the daily show

beer: dos equis

breed of dog: rotweiler

urban legend: the licked hand

musical: les miserables

curse word: fuuuuuuck

magazine: cosmopolitan

historical figure: caesar augustus

city: hamburg, germany

bug: ladybug

lipstick: revlon chocolate bar (#365)

candy: reese's peanut butter cups

guilty pleasure: happy days (specifically potsie... i know i'm the only person that thinks this, but phwoar!)

greco-roman myth: apollo & daphne

pick-up line: "are those space pants? cause that ass is out of this world." (i swear to god, this line would totally work on me... just cause i find the phrase "space pants" really, really funny.)

tarot card: the sun

airline: lufthansa (really good food and foxxxy deutsch male flight attendants)

poem: "the sun rising" by john donne