.sara the troubled teen strikes back.

Mar. 19, '94
Well, that last entry was sappy enough [no kidding!]-- disregard, disregard.
Today Mom & Dickweed Jr.-- I mean Nick-- went to a softball (huh huh huh I said soft ball) game w/ Doug, Mom's new boyfriend. I personally don't like him, but Nick does. Anyway, so the upshot wuz I wuz alone most of today.
Oh, GUESS WHAT! I got a letter from Josh that got misrouted thru ADVANCE & all that crap. (Long story) How cool.
Must dash, darling!

Mar. 29, 1994
Sorry I haven't written since the last ice age. I have a lot to tell you. Such as-- I have fully 100% reconciled w/ Bridgett [I don't remember what we were fighting about, but hey]. Oh, and guess what? On April 7th, Dorothy and I are going to see (groovin'!!) a Breeders concert! It is fully going to fully rule! Well, BKS just called. Gotta go 4 a minute.

[a bunch of pages torn out here-- i remember what they were, though-- long lacrimose rants about kurt cobain, who was found dead the day after i went to the breeders concert. those were true specimens of horror, i wish a couple had survived...}

April 13, 1994
Now I can talk about what's been happening. The 7th me & Dorothy went to the Breeders concert. It RULED!! The 2 opening bands, the Faith Healers & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, kicked ass too. I tried the moshpit. How special-- got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer. On accident, though.
I have this friend Katie who's 15 and will pierce my ankle for me-- I'm gonna go 4 it!
Better go.
Peace, love, empathy--

April 24, 1994
Well, sorry I haven't written in 11 days. Not much is happening.
On Thursday, Katie and I took a walk over to her house. We were walking back to my house when we ran into K--- B---, loathe, loathe. But he was actually tre nice. And OH MY GOD! He told me & Katie he's a virgin!
I figured him for one of those T.B.S-type dudes (T.B.S.=total boy slut). Guess I misjudged him.
That's enough K---. More later.
Peace, love, empathy--
cont. Apr. 24
Today I went over to Katie's. She's fiercely hung over. She told her parents it was the flu so they thinks she's sick. BZZZT! Wrong! Oh well.
Other news: went shopping Weds. Bought: jeans, 3 bras, a blue skirt, and 2 shirts. Cool beans.
Peace, love, empathy--

April 30, 1994
I hate my fucking life!!
Reason 1: My father thinks he can be an asshole to whomever he wants and not even apologize! He wishes!
Reason 2: Both my parents hate Katie (more on her later), but like Bridgett, which is odd, considering.
Reason 3: Bridgett told Jill about Corey. Wonder who else she's told? Just wait till I get something on her. She'll be sorry! [apologies to bridgett, by the way-- it turned out she didn't really do this... and here i am slandering her on the internet!]
Enough about the Traitor. Here's what else is up.
Last night (Friday), me and Katie went to see Threesome, i.e. Cops and Robbersons. [that is, we went to see the stephen baldwin menage a trois flick threesome and told our parents we'd seen the wholesome chevy chase vehicle cops and robbersons.] It was cool, ecept about 50 Pop Tart Preppies were there. (GAGGAGGAG) Then we went to her house and hung out awhile. Tomorrow she's piercing my ankle for me.
Better go.
Peace, love, empathy--

it's not over yet...