I lie in the spot where
You once cast a shadow:
Black and heavy like a shiny gun.
Outside, the sun dances a
Risky calypso- the leaves cast light and darkness
Brush with haste my pale flesh.
My lazy hands grasp at the air,
And come up as empty as the space you left-
The hand you once touched with such reverence
Trembles and falls helpless at my side.

Outside the sound of children laughing awakens me.
It is almost time for me to emerge.

And what of it if you left me for the dazzling horizon,
Your whole life ahead of you, shining like skies?
And what of it if you never looked back
As you drifted carelessly away?
And what of it if you are gone, gone forever
And the things you took I cannot replace?
What of it if some nights I lie awake and
Remember your touch until I ache?

You are gone, and behind you
The stone door is locked and
I can't find the key.