.who's that girl?.

my full name is sara annette ryan. i like the name sara, but i wish it wasn't so common. at every school i've ever gone to, i've had at least one class with multiple saras/sarahs in it, and it can get confusing. i love the name annette, but i'd feel wierd being called by my middle name. for some reason.

i'm 19 years old.

i live in san angelo, tx, a town known for it's high concentrations of both sheep and satanists. it's that kind of place.

i'm 5'7". i wear my hair dyed red (a very unnatural hue thereof, at the moment) and cut into a short bob with bangs. i used to cut it myself, but last time i butchered it so badly that i think i'll have fork over the money to get someone else to do it for me from now on. i have green eyes, horn-rimmed cat glasses, pale skin, and freckles.

i work as a library aide. i get to play with new books all day and get paid for it. it's the hook-up.

i'm a wiccan.

i'm currently taking a year off from college. when i go, i'm going to major in archaeology.

i have 4 siblings, ranging in age from 28 to less than 1 year.

i love roman history and language, alligators, mythology and folklore (esp. urban legends), and anything related to the jazz age.

i listen to nick cave & the bad seeds, einsturzende neubauten, joy division, tori amos, new order, belle & sebastian, bauhaus, the church, beautiful south, the cure, missy elliott, galaxie 500, culture club (don't laugh!! boy george is an unsung genius!), mazzy star, pulp, the smiths (despite my loathing of morrissey as a solo artist and a human being), and violent femmes.

my favorite movies are wuthering heights, pandora's box, some like it hot, star wars, the merry widow, the rocky horror picture show, the breakfast club, friday the 13th, a clockwork orange, sophie's choice, and shakespeare in love.

i read f. scott fitzgerald, jane austen, the brontes, margaret atwood, robert graves, anthony burgess, d.h. lawrence, c.s. lewis, oscar wilde, voltaire, anita loos, alan warner, ovid, suetonius, and victor hugo.

i am addicted to kool filter kings and altoids.

i think maker's mark whiskey is delish.

i write down just about everything.

riding in cabs, babysitting, discarding old books at work, and dealing with stubborn people invariably put me into a bad mood.

i am not musically inclined at all. but if i had one wish, it would be for a pretty singing voice.

altogether, i have 5 holes in my ears and a tongue pierce. aside from that, i have no body mods of any sort. i want a tattoo, but i'm very mercurial, and i'm afraid i'd get sick of it a week after i got it.

i still have the teddy bear i slept with when i was a baby. his name is nuther bear. he sits on my bookshelf and i've put one of my collars and a chain necklace on him. he looks like the sid vicious of mangled white teddy bears.

i love shoes. the sluttier-looking, the better.

i read the tarot. actually, i'm still learning, but i'm getting pretty good.

i have two fortune cookie fortunes taped to my computer monitor: "people find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner," and "an aura of glamour and mystery surrounds your events of the week."

i am quiet, nice to most people, sarcastic, and emotional.

i hate writing about myself and i'm going to stop.