name: sara annette ryan

handles/nicknames: sara jade, tisiphone, annetta, sissy (only my 2-year-old brother gets away with this), jar jar's favorite whore (thanks, sarah :P LOL)

d.o.b.: july 3, 1980. do the math.

religion: wicca

occupation: university student by day, library aide by... uh, the rest of the day

family: divorced parents, 4 siblings ranging in age from 28 to 1 year

appearance: 5'7", bobbed hair dyed dark blonde, green eyes, cat glasses, pale skin, freckles, tongue pierce, eye of horus tattooed on the back of my shoulder

fascinations: roman history, mythology & folklore (esp.urban legends), the jazz age, alligators

hates: bigotry, math, milk, *boy bands*, paperback fiction

fears: snakes, flying, dolls, clowns

addictions: kool filter kings, altoids

awkward about: writing about myself. i'm done.